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UK Terror Alert Status August 30, 2006

Posted by britishbullblog in General, Government, Internet, Questioning, Terrorism, Websites.

I came across this website (www.terror-alert.co.uk) via BritBlog and it struck me as completely at odds with my views on terrorism.

The website is a simple enough affair in that it essentially offers you a way of placing a badge on your own site that displays the current ‘threat level’ of a potential terrorist attack in the UK. This seems harmless enough, and it probably is, but it is the signal that this sends out which I find difficult to support.

I spent several months researching and writing about terrorism for my university dissertation. In my opinion I believe that whilst ‘one man’s terrorist can be another man’s freedom fighter’ there is no place for terrorist activities today.

Terrorism works on initiating and spreading fear, without fear the terrorists really are left powerless. It is for this reason that I found the website and its badge somewhat gauling. It is suggesting that we should always be informed of potential terrorist activity in order that we let it effect our lives in some way. I don’t care what the current ‘threat level’ is because I am still going to carry on with my life irrespective.

If anyone is interested why not just go to the Home Office website and see for yourself, there’s no need to have a live feed straight to your webpage, surely?