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Is blogging success all in the title? August 26, 2006

Posted by britishbullblog in General, Questioning.

I was just wondering, being a relatively new blogger, how much of getting a successful blog is down to the titles one selects for each post.

The reason I ask is that I’m not really sure how people come across my blog! Are they just browsing a list of blog names, or post titles and they click on one that looks interesting? Or when people are searching blogs do they get a snippet of the post as well? Thereofore, perhaps it is the first few lines that need to strike a chord with the potential audience.

I recognise that once a blog becomes established then it is about good content that maintains and builds readership. My question is from the persepctive of a new blog.

I mean how do people come across my blog? How can I find other peoples blogs? At the moment I just link from the WP forums or from my dashboard. What is there some secret portal to a blog directory that I am yet to discover?



1. adam - August 26, 2006

most of my visitors come in via google searches. since google weighs the title pretty heavily, the best is to write something that contains the relevant words. also make sure to tag exhaustively, as that is probably the second best way to attract search visitors

2. britgirl - August 26, 2006

Tagging, Google searches. Also if you read other blogs and comment on other blogs people might come back visit your blog, tell others or even link to it. Might not comment but will visit and if they like it will come back. If you link to other blogs, when people visit them, that’s another possible way people can discover new blogs.
Blog directories… is your blog registered with Britblog?

3. timethief - August 26, 2006

Hi there,
One way of attracting blog readers is a means you have already discovered i.e. helping others out by answering questions on the forum.

Another way people can use to find your blog is using the worddpress.com “tags” page http://wordpress.com/tags/.

The other commters have covered some bases for you but regardless of which search engine we may be discussing finding your blog is completely dependent on what you choose to do to create tags that leave a breadcrumb trail leading to your blog.

IMO many bloggers areconfused thinkers who are caught up in the dicotomy of diary versus web log. Diaries are for secret thoughts and web logs are for sharing. Ask yourself: How would I find my own blog if I didn’t already know where it was? The answers then becomes clear. If you want to share what you have written then it’s really in your best interest to develop descriptive category and sub-category headings to assist people to find your blog, rather than using ones that only make sense to you.

Some examples: Suppose you work selling insurance fulltime and are also a part-time musician. Suppose you have good, bad, funny and weird experiences at both jobs that you want to blog about. You can choose to create category and subcategoy tags in many ways. Each number in brackets below illustrates one of these ways. [ Note the dialogue between square brackets is just an aside I put there to explain structure to you.]

(1) [category only]
work stuff

(2) [category and subcategories]
– carwash
– music gigs
(3) work (insurance)
– hating it
work (music)
– loving it
(4) [category and subcategories]
– conferences, seminars, workshops
– great days
– funny stories
– sad stories
– same old story
– boring gigs
– brililant gigs
– catastrophic gigs
– hilarious gigs
– just another gig
– wretched gigs
– weird gigs

Following the development of a string of forum threads on the same subject drmke created this blog for newbies with blogging tips in it. Many more ideas for promoting your blog and attracting readers can be found there athttp//:pimpmyblog.wordpress.com

Happy blogging. šŸ™‚

4. timethief - August 27, 2006

OOPs! I forgot to say that you have chosen the Blix theme and it has some interesting shall we say “features” as well as some bugs. Please check out this thread first http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3649 and then look for others in the forum search box using the terms “Blix” and “theme”.

5. britishbullblog - August 28, 2006

Thanks for the tips everyone I will make sure that I bear them in mind for future posts.

Britgirl – I am now on Britblog (pending activation of my account!)

TT – I shall check out the “features” that Blix offers, intriguing!

6. eclecticgeek - August 29, 2006

With search traffic, I definitely agree about tagging and relevant words. I have several specific tags that bring visitors. I also use keywords. Not for every single post I make but for the informational ones that I really want searchers to be able to find.

7. britgirl - August 29, 2006

You could also look into something like Cocomment. I’m still trying it out. I’m finding that it encourages me to leave more comments on people’s blogs because I can see the comments all on one site. Rather like the WP My comments, except you can see comments you leave on any blog, rather than just WP.com blogs. That way you visit a lot more blogs, can leave comments etc. Just a thought. Other than that, it does take time.

@EC – agree re keywords, and definitely tags but with the wp.com hosted blogs you can’t do any type of analytics so you can’t see which precise keywords are driving traffic. Although I can see some details from my sitemeter traffic logs.

8. britgirl - August 29, 2006

I just noticed… you’re reading Micheal Connelly!! I have just bought the Lincoln Lawyer. Haven’t read it yet. I have read 9 of MC’s other books. Great unputdownable reads!

9. britishbullblog - August 29, 2006

Micheal Connelly is great! I read his book ‘The Closers’ a few months ago and loved it, so I thought I would give this one a try. It would be cool to see what you think of it when you finish? I’m about 100 pages in, so will hopefully finish it by next weekend.

10. eclecticgeek - August 29, 2006

britgirl – I use an online Overture Keyword tool. When I have an informational topic in mind, I put it in the tool and it gives me the top search keyword(s) from the past month. I can tell from my blog search stats that it’s working but would be more efficient with analytics.

britishbullblog – Listening to Janet Jackson. Nice!

11. britishbullblog - August 29, 2006

WMP was on shuffle!

Where can this tool be found eclecticgeek? Is it free?

12. eclecticgeek - August 29, 2006

It’s free. SEOChat has a bunch of free tools and also news. Just found out about Google Trends today thanks to them. It’s supposed to track search trends. New toy for me.


13. britishbullblog - August 29, 2006

Top stuff, thanks for the links as well.

14. Britgirl - August 30, 2006

@EC, thanks, I will check them out.

15. britgirl - September 2, 2006

You might want to also check out this webring. I’ve come across some interesting sites, including quite a few wp ones and I’ve just added my site to the ring. Very recently so it won’t be listed yet.

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