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Websites that changed the world August 14, 2006

Posted by britishbullblog in General, Internet, Personal.

According to The Observer in a recent article titled ‘Websites that changed the world‘ they listed these 15 sites as those that have changed the world –
1. eBay.com
2. wikipedia.com
3. napster.com
4. youtube.com
5. blogger.com
6. friendsreunited.com
7. drudgereport.com
8. myspace.com
9. amazon.com
10. slashdot.org
11. salon.com
12. craigslist.com
13. google.com
14. yahoo.com
15. easyjet.com
The article doesn’t say how they came to select these fifteen, it could simply be someone’s subjective opinion. However, one point I did find interesting which highlighted ‘how casually we have come to take it [the internet] for granted.’ It has become such an integral part of our lives from business to pleasure that it is a wonder how we managed before. However, with it being such an organic creature I am looking forward to see how it develops over the coming years.
The websites that are currently (the list does vary over time) changing my world are –
1. google.com : always using the engine!
2. flickr.com : love this site.
3. any forum that I have used : they are just such a great resource.
I would be interest to hear what websites have changed your world?



1. Lorelle VanFossen - August 14, 2006

I would have thought you would include wordpress.com in your list of sites that changed your world. 😉

Changed mine.

2. britishbullblog - August 14, 2006

Too true, how did I forget!

3. britgirl - August 29, 2006

WordPress – opend a whole new word, sorry, world.
Flickr – the best – I have over 400 of my digital photos there that were languishing on mine and my husband’s computer, that my friends around the world can share with me. Now when we travel we can upload almost immediately.

The Internet Movie Database – IMDB. We have over 1400 DVD’s between us. The IMDB http://www.imdb.com is a fantastic reference whenever we are watching a film. We check out the actors, directors, past work, all sorts of known and little known stuff… couldn’t live without it.

Blink – http://www.blink.com I love this site. This is where I keep all my bookmarks and have done for years.

DVD Profiler – http://www.dvdprofiler.com this is where my sig other and I store our collections. We try and keep it updated!
Great post btw…I didn’t expect to write this much!

4. britishbullblog - August 29, 2006

Hey Britgirl,

Flickr is just an awesome site. I think it is the only site where I have paid for the upgrade and have never once thought it was a waste of money.

I love IMDb, especially finding out the quirky stuff. I did use to use DVD Profiler, maybe I will again one day. At the moment I am using Flickr to display my collection. You can check it out here .

Will take a look at Blink, not seen it before.

Thanks for commenting britgirl, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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