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Blogging for blogging’s sake? August 13, 2006

Posted by britishbullblog in General, Personal, Questioning, Whinging Stuff.

After an intial flurry of posts I realised I had gone a few days without posting. I should be thinking ‘so what’, but strangely had the feeling of ‘must post something, anything….JUST POST!!’

It made me realise that it is perhaps this sense of blogging for blogging’s sake which is creating so many blogs out there that are just inane ramblings of peoples day-to-day lives? Went to the shops today, watched Eastenders this evening, must do the washing-up, purely because people feel they should put content on their blogs, even if it means scrapping the barrel of literary interest.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the freedom of expression and that is why I believe the Internet to be such a valuable asset to modern society. However, with the power of ‘Feeds’ should bloggers become more discerning in what they post?

Traditionally, unless blogs were regularly updated, it was thought that people would lose interest and readership would fall. The use of ‘Feeds’ has meant that it is no longer necessary for people to continually check blogs for updates. Instead, if they enjoy a blog and it has the option to subscribe to a feed they can easily stay abreast of new posts without the need to hunt out the blog every time they’re online.

I would therefore, much rather come across a blog whose posts were more infrequent, but more enjoyable, than a blog that posts daily, or perhaps even more frequently, but what’s written is no more interesting than the ingredients on a packet of spaghetti.

I therefore vow, not to blog for blog’s sake, but instead blog when I actually believe what I am blogging is of more interest than the contents of my shopping basket!



1. pablo - August 22, 2006

i agree. and there is something to say about a blogger’s ego, i think. there’s already tons of great literature out there, but lots of people feel the need to publish their own thoughts. the act of doing this is almost like saying to the world, “read my blog instead of a classic novel or great non-fiction,” which seems pretty conceited.

2. britishbullblog - August 22, 2006

Yeah, I think that’s a good point. Why do some people believe that what they are writing is worth reading? I certainly don’t presume that my blog should be read by anyone, but it is enjoyable to know that people are at least coming across it.

Thanks for the comment.

3. Britgirl - August 30, 2006

If you don’t think your blog is worth reading then why bother blogging? why bother going to all that trouble, effort? There is a difference between thinking (hmm I post this and see what people might think, who knows? Or, here’s my thought, do you share, disagree?) than thinking my blog’s great literature. You have to have some pride about what it is you are doing or what’s the point?

Personally on my blog I enjoy publishing my thoughts on certain things. I thought people might be interested in my take on things and was very pleasantly surprised to have that confirmed. People come back and check stuff out. Sometimes they even comment!

But I want to be careful to blog because I enjoy it rather than because I’ve got to. Having said that, if you want readers, visitors, commenters you have to post fairly regularly otherwise your readers will drift away, thinking you can’t be bothered.

People like fresh content – regularly. The thing is not to become anal about it… a little hard because it can become rather obsessive if you’re not careful.

4. britishbullblog - August 30, 2006

Britgirl, pertinent comments as ever. I think that you are quite right when you say blogging should be an enjoyable experience. It is simply getting the right balance between posting regularly with decent content and posting too often with wafer thin junk.

Personally I really like knowing that people are reading and especially taking the time to comment on my blog. I just hope I can take this relatively new blog forward!

However, I do think that some people blog simply as a means of expressing their thoughts without the desire for those thoughts to be read by anyone else. A blog can simply be used as the 21st century diary.

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