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Which character are you? August 10, 2006

Posted by britishbullblog in General, Humourous, Internet, Personal.

Are you the farmer? No. You’re Presuming Ed!

Presuming Ed

Rama Rama. Harry Rama. Yes, that’s right your alter ego is a big, quiet man with a damn groovy hairstyle and this summarises the two sides of your personality. In some situations you can be quiet and retiring, preferring to observe rather than lead. However, this doesn’t mean you’re a wallflower (or in Presuming Ed’s case a wall tree); you may just be waiting for the right moment to say your piece. Within your close circle of friends you may be more confident, you may even be the centre of attention. Just make sure that unlike Ed you have something interesting to say and don’t keep repeating yourself! You may not realise it yet, but you have a spiritual edge that encourages you to try new experiences every now and then. However, just like Ed, it may be wise to consider the company you keep and the legality of these experiences before you dive into them with too much enthusiasm!

It couldn’t be more spot on!!

See which Withnail & I character you are by clicking here.



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