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Hunting Ban August 9, 2006

Posted by britishbullblog in General, Personal, Questioning.

Back at the beginning of the summer I was around at a mates house with a group of friends and the subject of hunting came up in conversation. I then came across this little flash box on the Bebo website that just brought me back to that conversation.

During the conversation I was suggesting that I find it difficult to be anti-hunting when I eat meat knowing that the animals, on the whole, are slaughtered in an inhumane fashion. I have watched a number documentaries showing undercover footage that puts the slaughter industry to shame and yet I continue to purchase meat. So, how in this knowledge, get on my moral high horse and say hunting is terrible, cruel and unnecessary and should be banned. Eating meat fits all these critieria and yet I continue to do so.

My friend debated that you can’t look at the issues together as they are distinctly different. I found this difficult to recognise, but one point he made did strike some resonance. I was arguing that for all the time, effort and funding that was and continues to be put into banning hunting, very little has actually been achieved towards meeting its objectives. My friend did agree with this point, but he added that we also do not know where we will be in a hundred years time because of this ruling. Perhaps then hunting will have been completely prevented because of what was started in recent times.

This maybe so, but I still believe that we should be focussing on more mass issues of animal cruelty than the comparitively minor concerns of fox hunting.

Want some more info?

RSPCA Chicken Farming
Animal Aid



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