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I wonder why August 5, 2006

Posted by britishbullblog in General, Personal, Questioning.

My parents recently left Britian to travel before settling in Australia this autumn. So far they have been to the Hawaiian and Fijian islands, which have some really remote places. However, ever since they left I have probably had more contact with them than when they were living an hour down the road.

Why is this? Is it the sense that because they are geographically further away we must make more of an effort to remain in contact. Perhaps it is down to the fact that they’re doing something different and are keen to share it with others.

I’m not sure, but it’s an interesting thought.



1. Susan Furmage - August 11, 2006

Hi BBB –

I had the exact same experience when I was travelling several years ago. Uncles I had not been in touch with for years and years were emailing me; friends wrote with more frequency than when I was at home; and I wrote more regularly too. In my case I just had more time on my hands. In the case of my friends and my uncles, I can only guess that the awareness that I was literally half a world away made them feel a certain urgency in contacting me. Also breaking out of routine and doing something new and different sparks enthusiasm not only in those travelling, but in those who are still at home. I felt closer to some people when I was far away than I did when they were just up the road.

Where in Oz are your parents settling? What a cool adventure for them! I hope you are planning to go visit.

I love your British Bull Blog dog, and your cat is SO beautiful!

Cheers to you, BBB!

All the best,

Susan The Youth Education Officer

2. mevetts - August 12, 2006

Hi Susan,

Thanks for commenting. It certainly is an adventure for them, and right about now they should be landing in Oz! They have a place in Sydney as we used to live out there, but I reckon they will try out some other areas, particularly up the coast to Queensland.

Should I see Lewis (the cat) again I will pass on your comments, not that he needs them as he already has a big head!!



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